Green Lake Side Yard

This north facing side yard was about as low maintenance as they come. However, it was also extremely unattractive. The homeowners wanted a design that would tie in with the rest of the property and highlight the style of their 1911 Green Lake home, still require little time for upkeep, and give the neighbors something pleasant to look out onto.

The design solution for this side yard needed to address several issues:

  • Move the path out of the varying drip line
  • Increase the path width to match the gate
  • Place a new planting bed where the rain reaches
  • Improve a drainage problem that caused an occasional wet basement
  • Provide privacy between one neighbors dining room and the others bedroom
  • Add interest to an existing width of lawn bordered by two straight paths

The broken concrete path was removed and reused by others.  Crushed gravel was installed over weed barrier in a curvilinear design edged with cedar bender board.  The path was designed to stay within the property line while still moving in and out from the house to allow for the planting bed, and to provide rain protection under the lower roof line.

To increase privacy matching trellises were installed for training two iridescent white Clematis ‘Huldine’  around the bedroom window, and the neighbors split the cost for an  Acer tegmentosum Manchurian Snakebark Mapletree which was planted between the two houses.