Pruning Consultation

I find pruning to be very satisfying as it combines both art and science and imagining the future lifetime of a plant within a landscape. I love pruning in my garden and can teach you to enjoy pruning too, with confidence and great results!

Why Does Skilled Pruning Matter?

Skilled pruning can improve the health and longevity of a plant, highlight the natural beauty of its form and reduce risks created by large trees.

With skilled pruning you have an educated approach to correctly and carefully modifying the growth of a plant. This involves understanding the typical growth pattern of the particular species you are working on, and where and when their growth will be stunted or encouraged.

If a job is well done, often as the homeowner, you can’t be sure what exactly changed. In fact in pruning classes we were encouraged to leave the cuttings for the owner to see so they believe that you have been working!

Skilled Pruning Coaching

This service includes proper tool care, planning for long term health and aesthetics of your plants and education regarding proper pruning cut techniques.

$50 per hour, one hour minimum

I make referrals to qualified professional arborists when medium to large trees are in need of care or specialized diagnostic testing.